Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holidays and ALA!!!

Sorry! Holidays claimed me!

Bit of a sad Christmas, but I got some awesomely memorable gifts. My sister let me be as light as a cloud. :)

A couple of my friends got married on New Years Eve. I got to be a witness. So now, I can actually say that my signature is worth something. :D

Other than that, like I said I would, I have now ceased doing fandubs of anything that has an English license. So, the clip to the right is the "Official Goodbye Clip." I mean no disrespect to Kyle, Yuri, Steve, or anyone else in the original clip. Symbolically, this was the best way for me to move on. Also, some great bloopers at the end, so watch those! Btw, I'm Kamina.

And this weekend is ALA! Come support your favorite anime series and voice actors! And check out the live Anime Olympics panel at 1PM on Friday! Later that day, check out the wonderful Ms. Cristina Vee's concert at 6PM!

And if you see me, say hello. :)

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