Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Busy Voice Stuffs!

Okay okay okay okay okay okay.

First thing's first. I have lined up a gig. I don't know what I'm doing, or how much I'm going to get paid, or how long til it's released, but I've got it. I'll be doing some voice over work for a promotional spot for a sponsor search for a community organization. And that's about all I know. More details when I get the chance.

Secondly, this is now my official announcement that AS OF JANUARY 1, 2010, I WILL NO LONGER BE PARTAKING IN FANDUBS OF PROJECTS THAT HAVE OFFICIAL RELEASES. This is for a couple reasons, the most obvious of which is that, as I approach entry into the wonderful industry that has so far made huge steps to accept me, I do not wish to stab myself in the foot. It's no secret that the industry looks down on fandubs as a detraction from the hard work people get paid to do. While I would disagree with this accusation, I am also a realist, and know that if I keep doing what I have been, I'll get nowhere. So, I will continue to work on fandubs as long as there is no official English-language license. Once a project has reached that point, I will have to refrain from dubbing said project. I will, however, be continuing with my radio plays and such.

Finally, and most importantly, JOIN MAH GROUP! I (with the help of Voice Actor/MAN OF AWESOME Kyle Hebert) have created a Facebook group dedicated to getting Hollywood (and ultimately the rest of the entertainment industry) to understand that they should be hiring voice actors for their blockbuster animated and CGI movies. Too often the industry guys will cast big names to draw an audience but sacrifice the movie's characters and performances for such. We say, let the voice actors do their job! For more information, check out On board are great professionals like Kyle Hebert, Wendee Lee, Tara Strong, Kyle Hebert, Cristina Valenzuela, Richard Epcar, Bob Bergen, and Kyle Hebert. And did I mention Kyle Hebert? Come show your support!

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