Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ALA 2010 and Stoof

So, I'm still alive. Uploading pictures and stuff from ALA 2010 to my facebook right now.

Met some new folks at ALA and got to spend a lot of time talking with established talent about everything and everything. For all the stress that went into the weekend, I had a lot of fun. Made some new friends that I hope I get to see around more frequently, and they're all really awesome people.

I have some lines to get done tonight or tomorrow, and I'm most likely going to cancel tonight's radio show so I can do that as well as get the bomb shelter that is my room cleaned up.

Sorry for the lack of news, but the holidays have been slow. And since I've cut out the fandubbing, things have slowed down a lot. So now I need to get out and start actively looking for more work. >_<

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