Saturday, May 29, 2010

3 in 1 Week? What is this?!

I don't even.

Anywho, some more stuff has come out with me in it! I'm so excited! ^_^

First up is a brief little audio clip of me as a Shuttle Pilot, and my perspective on life when The Master controlled all of Earth from aboard the Valiant. If you don't know Doctor Who, you might not get this, but it still is a nice little blurb. Also, I got to speak in an English accent, AND it was done in support of the Haiti Relief efforts. :) CLICK ME

The second is the video you can now view to your right. It's the trailer for Chapter 3 of Obscurity! This project has been running for a long time, and it's been gaining some fans across the world, believe it or not. I play the crazy guy and Dan the Policeman. For now, enjoy this trailer, and I hope you'll all look forward to the full chapter when it's up at the end of June. :)

Other than that, I hope everyone is doing alright. I'm trying my best to get more and more of these blog posts in. Does it make any difference? XD

Happy Saturday! ^_^

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Look, a new vid!

Short and sweet, but still a bit fun. This was a little PSA I did for a Fairy Tail fandub. It's supposed to be the main character giving that little warning that always shows in text at the bottom of Japanese anime. I love this character, so any chance to work with him is jumped on! XD

Other than that, I don't have much to say right now. Keep happy, everyone! ^_^

Monday, May 24, 2010

Achievement Unlocked: Busiest Weekend Ever!

So, now that I've rested a bit, I can write about THE BUSIEST WEEKEND EVER!!!

Thursday really started my weekend. I was up til 12 midnight recording lines for projects with quickly-approaching deadlines, and still didn't end up recording all that I needed. I'll be recording the auditions that I missed today (which happens to also be the day of the deadline (lucky me right (just wanted more parenthesis =D)?)).

Friday morning, I was up at 7 because I was to accompany some very awesome friends on a road trip to San Francisco. Cristina was asked to go and sing at the premiere of the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (The Haruhi movie) up there, and we all figured that it'd be best if she didn't have to make the trip alone. It was a very awesome time. The movie was AMAZING, and I definitely plan to see it the next opportunity I get. We had an interesting experience at dinner, too. Not sure how much I should say, but I will say that Japanese men really love their Karaoke. XD

We got to bed at about 2:30 Saturday morning. Then it was up again at 7 to leave for home. 2 stops, 3 pancakes, and 6 hours later, we were back in the Greater Los Angeles area. But I couldn't go home yet. Made it to the Pendant Picnic, a gathering of various people involved with Pendant Productions ( Met up with them at about 3:30, even though it started at 10, and we got to hang out in Hollyweird for a bit.

After some food at In-N-Out, I had to leave for a party at a relatives house. Got to see some people I haven't in quite a long time, so that was very nice. After getting schooled at basketball by people easily half my height (MAN did I feel old), I headed home for a quick shower. Then I was back in Hollywood to attend a club. Internation DJ Lange was playing when I got there, and my acting-manager introduced me to some guys who want me to play at their restaurant/bar/place on the 11th of June. Which is a paying gig. FINALLY. So I'm happy about that.

Finally got to bed at 2:30 (again). But the weekend was not over. I was up again at 7, attended early morning mass (BLEH), and headed out to Santa Monica Pier for day 2 of the Pendant Picnic. This time, we all watched some of the children of people in the group play at Pacific Park on the pier. And then it got cold. Like... really REALLY cold. So they all went back to the CO of Pendant's house. I wanted to go with them, but my day was not so free.

I had to be at a planning meeting/DJ Practice with Infinite Voyage in Marina del Rey. But the meeting didn't turn out so badly! I FINALLY got to have a little B2B session with another DJ! DJ Beyond, one of the newest members of our little group, was willing to do it, so we played together, each DJ picking one track at a time, for about 45 minutes. It was neat, because we have pretty much the same taste in music. :D

And then, THEN I got to go home. Made it by 8:50, and went straight to bed. For the first time in over 3 years, I went to bed before 11 PM. In fact, I was knocked out by 9:30. Slept for a whole 12 hours, too! :D

So, the only new thing I have to show off right now is the finished product of my final for Audio Production, which can be found HERE. Hope you enjoy it.

In the next few weeks, some more projects should be coming out. And I'm also waiting to hear back from a very high-profile video game that I can't speak about. But yeah, fingers crossed, and with some luck, we'll get some good news soon. Hope everyone is doing well! ^_^

Friday, May 14, 2010


So, yeah. Hi guys.

Sorry I've been so behind on this. School has picked up, family stuff happened, and big things have happened.

So let's talk about the big stuff. I was asked to go to a read through at Fox Studios 2 weeks ago. It was for a new show idea that I can't say much about, but it was quite the experience. Don't know if I've been accepted into the production yet or not, but I eagerly await to hear back from the director. It's an interesting story, though. I met Cristina Vee through a mutual friend. Then, I she introduced me to a few other VO people (whom I know have the pleasure of calling friends), who introduced me to more, who passed my contact information to the director who sent me a Facebook message. So whoever came up with the idea of "6 Degrees of Separation" wasn't lying; I've experienced it first hand.

Most of my time lately has been spent working on a radio play that I had to turn in for my final for Intro to Audio Production. As of now, I never want to touch Pro Tools again. I have a great respect for the engineers now, which is exactly why I took this class. Needless to say, the final product will be up online later on, so check my Facebook for more info on that.

I've been actively looking for more auditions, and have submitted a few things, but nothing has come back yet. It's definitely time to update my demo reel. That is what I'll be focusing on over the Summer. In the meantime, if anyone sees something coming up, it would be awesome if you'd either pass on word to me, or mention me. Without an agent, I'm finding it hard to find stuff. But I'm not giving up any time soon. :)

Hearing Voices has officially ended for this semester. If you missed any episodes, head to to check them out. We return next semester with more awesome guests and a possible co-host! And keep an eye out for the upcoming Youtube and Facebook pages. :)

Other than that, I hope you're all doing well! I'm going to try and update this a bit more frequently, now that I'm not freaking out about school projects. XD