Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another Monday. Huh? What do you mean it's Tuesday?!

So, holidays officially suck.

Okay, that's a lie. But they do throw off my whole schedule completely and entirely. I mean, how fair is it to give someone a three day weekend when on that fourth day they're expected to wake up at 6 AM when they've been up until 2 AM for the previous 3 nights? Curse you, American school system.

This week should be fairly breezy, in terms of what I actually care about. I've caught up with most of my lines (next deadline isn't until Saturday, and it's my own clip, so the deadline is a bit lax), so really I'm just cruising this week until Saturday. That is the day I attend the Intermediate level Adventures in Voice Acting workshop over at BangZoom.

I can already imagine how awesome it's going to be. I think I might be a little less shy this time. I might still be friendly, but this round, it's for keeps. If you see me there, don't be surprised if I look intense. I fully intend to show these guys that I mean business. Even if I suck, which is usually the case, I want to show them how much I want this, and how much I'm willing to work for it.

So yeah... Puppies are cute. Someone get me a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, yeah?

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