Saturday, October 3, 2009

New voices, a slight cold, and I WAS ON A BOAT!

So, while recording a couple of auditions 2 days ago, I discovered 2 new voices. I rather like them, as one is pretty much in my same range, but doing something different with my throat, so it sounds like a different person. FINALLY, I have a voice that doesn't sound like me! This is good news, so yeah. ^_^

Also, I've been ill for about the past week. Somehow, I've been able to work around it, but today I'm a bit nasal. And my voice is a little high-pitched. So no recording for me today.

Also today, I WAS ON A BOAT! No, really, I was. DJed a boat party with 40+ people. I might post up pictures later on when they've been uploaded. But from what I heard, people enjoyed it. It was nice to hear the comments and feedback I got from everyone, especially since I had to work around the death of the generator while we were out. But we made it work. :)

New clip is a fandub of Chaos;Head, which is owned by Madhouse, check out the official releases, yada yada yada.

Finally, check out my latest radio play role! I play a dad. Which is a new thing for me. --> Midnight Sugar:

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