Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Translation, Auditioning, and I was on a boat!

Oh wait, I already said I was on a boat, didn't I? Oh well. I WAS ON A BOAT!

Moving on, auditioning for a few more projects this week. I'm waiting on some cast announcements for some radioplays, one of which has had its deadline extended til the 12th, so I'll be waiting a bit longer for that one. I'm in the studio tonight recording more auditions for more projects and planning to have a great time doing it.

On another note, I translated the first sentence of the Bakemonogatari "light" novel. This thing is 445 pages of Japanese characters and kanji without any Furigana at all. So it's been hard. Posted below just because.


"Hitagi Senjougahara has been given the title of the sickly girl in her class― Naturally she is looked down on because she doesn't participate in physical education class, and to avoid getting anemia, she sits alone in the shade during school assemblies."

And there you go. It seems like it should be easy, but it wasn't. Took an hour with the help of my Japanese Class assistants. Part of the problem was that some of it was hard to explain in English. But I got the general idea, and I'm happy that my translation makes sense. Anyone out there who's really good at English AND Japanese want to double check this for me? XD

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