Thursday, July 29, 2010

July is over, but life goes on!

So, we are quickly approaching the end of the middle of the year. Or... is it the beginning of the end of the middle of the year? I can never keep up with these things.

Anyway, some news:

- My official OFFICIAL demo reel is currently under construction, but is coming along quite nicely. I hope to have it up and running so I can send it to companies in the area before the end of August. The sooner, the better. :)

- I have recently been approached to work with a prestigious blog known as Voice Actors in the News! I'll be providing some news, info, and stories about Anime voice actors and their involvement with the industry and fans. So keep an eye out for more information there. :)

- Took the Adventures in Voice Acting Intermediate Voice Acting Workshop for the second time this past weekend. It'd been 8 months since the people had last seen me, and I think I brought the heat in this long-overdue session. Made some new contacts, and hopefully I'll have some big news for you guys in the near future.

And that's my news! Still looking for auditions in the LA/Burbank area, so if you guys hear about anything and want to pass along the information, I will love you forever and promise to buy you a plushie or stuffed animal when I'm rich and famous!

Enjoy the new Animation Voice-Over Reel to the right! I know I did. ^_^

P.S.: Those waiting for plushies and/or stuffed animals may end up disappointed because the likelihood of my being rich and famous is less than the likelihood of a penguin being struck by a bolt of lightning while driving a Honda Civic through the Gobi Dessert. Just saying. XD

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