Monday, December 7, 2009

Gigs, Roles, and Christmas Time

So, in case you haven't heard by now (or in case you actually care), I was informed just last night that I'll be headlining a gig I thought I was merely being a warm-up DJ for next week. This is at once amazing and frightening, as that puts a lot of pressure on me since this is the groups first real event. I know my love is Voice Over, but DJing has always been a guilty pleasure for me. I definitely enjoy the time I put into it, and I also take it very seriously. I guess that it paid off.

So if you've friended me on Facebook and you're in the LA area, you probably got an invite. And if you haven't done either of those things, head over to and join the group, and then you'll find all the details for the event literally at your fingertips. If you can, come out and show me some support! :D

I've managed to snag a couple of new roles that I'm really excited about. I'm starting to get more involved in the land of the radio play, and I've also scored 2 roles in some flash animations. More info on those as they become available, but I hope you guys will enjoy them. I've really been working my buns off. Ask my family; they've been worried. XD

As Christmas approaches, I find myself again in a frustrating place. I don't have the money to buy the Christmas presents I want for all of my friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, it's going to have to be another one of those years where I mass-produce computer-made Christmas cards and then just include a privatized note in each. I hope everyone will understand that it's not that I'm not thinking of them, it's just that I can't afford much more than that. So if you get one of these, don't hate me for it. >_<

Hope everyone is enjoying the rain in LA! It's been a long time coming, but now we're in a good place! The plants are getting their much need moisturizing facials, and the area will be much happier for it.

As always, live well and enjoy! ^_^

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