Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Day Approaches!

Hoping to have a wonderful time of it.

But you guys don't care about boring stuff like that. So let me talk about the awesome stuff. New video is my Animation Demo Reel for 2009. It's a collection of works I've been involved in with the sole intention of showing my ability to match lip flaps. Hope it works on that end, and I really hope that people enjoy it.

On another note, Episode 3 of Genesis Avalon (featuring my debut as Martin Alvers) is FINALLY out! Head over to http://pendantaudio.com/genesisavalon.php#new and check it out! And while you're at the Pendant website, you should take the opportunity to subscribe to their podcast so that you can get the new episodes monthly. And also, check out this week's episode of This Week In Pendant (TWIP), because yours truly has a highlighted interview. If you need an extra link for that, here it is: http://pendantaudio.com/twip.php

Other than that, some more projects are coming up soon (I hope), and come next year, once I can afford it, I'm going to be taking some voice lessons with an awesome person who has agreed to help me. I'm not at liberty to say who, but just know that I'm going to be working my buns off! :)

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