Friday, April 16, 2010

Curse you, passage of time!!


I feel like I've failed with this blog. When it's going on 5 weeks and I haven't updated, I know there's a proble,

Life has been beyond hectic, with both VO stuff and DJ stuff picking up some steam. The radio show's been going well, and I've got Christopher Smith as my guest this coming Monday.

Been taking a few more workshops here and there, and just yesterday I recorded some PSAs for Titan Radio, the on-campus radio station at California State University, Fullerton. That was cool. I'll see if I can upload a few of them here so you guys can have a listen.

Some news about the game I was in: the production has been slowed a little bit because the art team went on to bigger and better things, but the director has assured me that they are looking for new artists to finish up the project. I'll definitely update everyone when I have more information.

On the DJ side of things, I have a gig this Saturday at the Woo Lae Oak Korean BBQ Restaurant in Beverly Hills. If you're interested, check out the event on Facebook by clicking this link here: There's another chance to catch me at RISE in Hollywood on the 30th. More information about the event will be available later on.

This weekend, I'm headed to the Anaheim Comic-con. Looking forward to it, even if I'm acting as Press. Phil Lamarr and Maurice LaMarche will be in attendance, so I'm hoping to talk to them and look into getting them on the show for one of the few remaining weeks this semester. That would be cool. ^_^

Since the last update, my character in Genesis Avalon has reached an untimely end. Check out the whole story at

Also, my character has finally made his debut in the Star Wars: Blue Harvest radio play. It's brief in this episode, but his involvement does get a bit stronger in upcoming episodes. You'll definitely want to give this series a listen. Head to for listening pleasure. My first appearance is in episode XXVII (27, for the Roman-Numeral-Impaired).

Finally, the clip to the right is something I'm quite proud of. I recorded for this fandub back at the end of January, and it's finally come out! The producer did a great job mixing this together, and the cast does an awesome job as well! A lot of guys in this one, so to clarify: I play Bishop, the long-haired man in priest-garb wearing sunglasses. Let me know what you think! I had a lot of fun playing the character, and I'm very happy with what came out as a result. WARNING: THERE ARE SOME ISSUES OF LANGUAGE AND BLOOD IN THIS CLIP. VIEWER DISCRETION IS SUGGESTED.

Still working hard to get this career off the runway. Doing my best, so I hope you all can give me your support. :)

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